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Semolina – The Magnificent Flour flavour image

Semolina – The Magnificent Flour

Remember those sweet aromas from your grandma’s kitchen while she’s cooking Sooji Ka Halwa for you? Sweet memories, weren’t they?

But have you ever wondered what went behind that Sooji Ka Halwa and that it could be packed with benefits? Well it’s none other then… Semolina, derived from the Italian world Semol. It is made from high quality durum wheat which is used in making pasta, cereals, puddings and in many Asian dishes as well. Semolina is known to be rich in potassium, iron and protein and packed with essential nutrients which improve heart health.

As well as the deliciously sweet Sooji Ka Halwa, Semolina is used in many other Indian dishes such as Dhokla, Idli, Upma, Papri Chat, Rava Dosa and even added to cakes to add a lighter texture.

There are three types of Sooji – Fine, Coarse and Extra Coarse, the difference between them is simply how well ground they are and the different textures each creates.

Sooji is also great for people who are diabetic as it has a low glycaemic index which keeps the blood and glucose levels balanced and your hunger pangs in control. It is also low on cholesterol and sodium which makes it a balanced meal option.

Also, if you are planning to shed some kilos, the good news is that Semolina helps by keeping your metabolic rate healthy, helping you to lose weight. And being low on fat along with containing vital vitamins and minerals like phosphorous it provides lots of energy to move throughout the day making your goal to lose weight easier. So, include dishes like Rava Kanji in your diet plan.

Now that you know the facts behind Semolina, go ahead and include it in your recipes and daily routine and you’re bound to love it… You’re welcome!

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