Lovers of Flavour Part 2 launching this Vaisakhi news image

Lovers of Flavour Part 2 launching this Vaisakhi

Part 2 of TRS Lovers of Flavour series is coming to your TV screens this Vaisakhi on 14th April. The story that started off in March with Bollywood stars Manav Kaul, playing the role of a TRS product sourcing manager, who meets Anupriya Goenka on an excursion and impresses her with his quick skills in the kitchen. Anusha (played by Anupriya Goenka) who is originally from the UK and is taking a break in India feels an automatic connect with Dev as they sit down for a cosy dinner together.

Find out what happens next this Vaisakhi and Easter weekend in part 2 of this 5 part series as their story moves forward.

Visit to see the full part 2 of the ‘Lovers of Flavour’ series while you enjoy the new TV advert across all major TV channels this Friday 14th April.

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