TRS 'Lovers of Flavour' Part 4 launching 17 June news image

TRS ‘Lovers of Flavour’ Part 4 launching 17 June

The next part of TRS brand film ‘Lovers of Flavor’ starring Bollywood stars Manav Kaul & Anupriya Goenka is set to launch on 17th June on the movies channel Star Gold in the film premiere of Bollywood hit ‘Jolly LLB 2’ (2017).

Starring Akshay Kumar and Huma Quereshi in the leading roles, this courtroom drama did very well at the box office with its riveting storyline and funny courtroom situations. The film also stars the lead actor of TRS ‘Lovers of Flavour’ Manav Kaul in an important supporting role in the film. It is his murder in the film that the entire court case is all about. Although a short role, Manav makes a strong impact in the film with his great acting skills.



Make sure you don’t miss the launch of part 4 of ‘Lovers of Flavour’ in the film premiere on Saturday 17th June @ 9pm on Star Gold.

So far in ‘Lovers of Flavour’ Dev & Anusha met by chance and their love story was about to take off when their story had someone else come into the mix. Watch part 4 of ‘Lovers of Flavour’ to see what happens next while enjoying some TRS Sarson Ka Saag 🙂


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